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Are you curious about the various species of marine life you see while scuba diving in Bali? Have you ever wondered what role they play in their ecosystems? The SSI Marine Ecology specialty program teaches you about the fascinating marine environment, why it is important, and how we can help protect it. At our Bali diving school, you will discover that understanding the delicate underwater environment is a fantastic way to prepare for scuba diving in Bali!

What to Expect During the Marine Ecology Course?

Your SSI Marine course begins when you enroll and gain access to the digital learning materials, which you will complete online at your own pace. The topics covered in the Marine Ecology course include:

  • Why the oceans are important to humanity
  • Threats to our oceans and their consequences
  • How you can help

Once you have completed the coursework and final exam, we will schedule an online meeting with one of our experienced SSI Instructors to review the key points and address any questions you may have!

What You Need to Know

While the SSI Marine Ecology course is intended for all those wishing to expand their scuba diving knowledge, it is required that all participants:

  • Be at least 10 years old

Marine Ecology

IDR 900.000

What is Included?

  • SSI digital learning materials
  • Digital certification card
  • Support from an experienced SSI Instructor

Marine Ecology

The oceans are a tremendous, dynamic and necessary piece of our World. Shockingly, we have started to find out about the importance of our ocean since the last century. Also, with our advanced technology we have just explored about 5% of the world’s ocean. Given the tremendousness of the task, it takes numerous specialists across a wide range of fields to gather the most complete marine information.

Marine Ecology is a wide and interesting topic that catches curiosity and attention. This course gives a general comprehension of all topic inside this field. You will learn about the ocean:

  • the different ecosystems that compose it
  • the diversity of life
  • the physical components
  • the natural and human impact
  • How can we influence the recovery.

You will cover diverse subjects across science, technology and engineering. Everything to determine your role in the evolution of the marine ecosystems.

Minimum Age

10 Years

Dive Level


Price :

IDR 900.000

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