About Us

Our Dive Center Philosophy

We are a small dive center in Sanur and believe that everyone should have an opportunity to experience the wonders of the underwater world in a safe, inclusive, and eco-friendly environment. Our pride in offering exceptional service is demonstrated by the personalized attention we provide to every customer, whether you are snorkeling or scuba diving in Bali.

We have a pristine safety record, which is maintained by exceeding required safety standards and keeping group sizes small. Our drivers, dive guides, and SSI Instructors are all trained to put your safety above all else.

All underwater enthusiasts are welcome at our Bali dive center, regardless of background, experience, or comfort level. Not SSI? No problem, we are happy to take you fun diving or offer you continuing education courses!

We love Bali and we love the planet, so we take care to limit the impact of our activities on the environment by sourcing local, eco-friendly products and following reef safe practices.

The Dive Center in Sanur

Our dive center is located in the heart of Sanur, a popular family-friendly area on the southeast coast of Bali. The main beach is a short five-minute walk from our dive center and the surrounding area hosts a wide range of accommodation and dining options to fit any budget.

The bright and spacious Sanur dive center is equipped with a comfortable reception area and an equipment area. For our pool training sessions, we use a large pool located a few meters from our dive center.

Ocean Gravity Dive Center Team

Karoline’s passion for scuba diving in Bali is the reason she decided to settle here after coming from Switzerland to work as an instructor. Fluent in German and English, Karoline has dedicated the past 8 years working in the dive industry in Bali.

Putu is our lead instructor and dive guide. Originally from North Bali, Putu has been exploring the underwater side of the island for over 30 years and has developed expert eyes and knowledge along the way.

Anggun will guide you through the administrative part of your experience with us, so look forward to her cheerful smile! She is originally from Java but has been living in Bali for many years already. One day, when she learns to swim, she will take her Open Water Course, until then she will just keep on snorkeling.

Wayan is responsible for keeping everything clean and tidy. He is also the one preparing your snacks and making sure there is always enough to drink for everyone.

The Equipment

Our full sets of quality rental equipment are regularly serviced to ensure your comfort and safety. With a variety of sizes and styles, including some masks with corrective (prescription) lenses, we aim to satisfy every diver and snorkeler’s needs.

Why Choose Us for Scuba Diving in Bali?

Whatever your background and interests, Ocean Gravity Bali has you covered for all your Bali scuba diving needs!


Customer safety is our main priority, and we maintain small groups of 4 divers of similar experience per guide. Our highly trained staff focus on selecting the safest environment possible for your diving adventures.


We pride ourselves in ensuring your scuba diving activities have as minor impact on Bali’s environment as possible.


Our multilingual team allows us to offer all services in English, German, and Indonesian.


Our professional team provides exceptional personalized service while focusing on customer satisfaction and reducing environmental impact.


We welcome all divers, regardless of background, experience, or certification agency/association. Whatever your certification association, you can continue your diving education with us.

Ready to go Diving in Bali?

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