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Ocean Gravity Bali is excited for the opportunity to show you the magnificent underwater world surrounding Bali! Please contact us using the form below and we will be happy to discuss your Bali scuba diving and snorkeling options with you.

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    Jl. Bet Ngandang II No.21, Sanur Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227

    +62 (0) 813 3711 9306 / +62 (0) 822 6608 6067


    Daily, 9:30 – 18:00

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You will find below the most frequent questions which our customers ask . If you cannot find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

    While scuba diving in Bali is a fun and safe activity, it is important that scuba divers are in good physical condition. Prior to beginning any diving course, student divers will be required to complete a medical statement and possibly also visit a doctor for clearance to dive. Certified divers participating in guided “fun” dives are responsible for ensuring they are medically fit to dive. We encourage divers with any doubts to visit a physician prior to taking part in any diving activities.  

    The minimum age is 10 years old, but there are swimming pool programs for children beginning at 8 years old. Safe scuba diving requires some maturity, so parents are encouraged to assess their child’s emotional and mental readiness for scuba diving activities.  

    We recognize that some divers may feel more comfortable using their own equipment, while for others the benefits of packing light might mean leaving some or part of their kit at home. Meanwhile, new divers may benefit from trying out different rental equipment prior to investing in their own.  

    A full set of rental scuba diving equipment (BCD, regulators, mask, fins, wetsuit, tank, and weights) is included in the price of your dive, so we’ll leave the decision of what to buy or bring up to you. Note that rental masks may not fit everyone properly, so we do recommend bringing your own mask.  

    We want you to get the most out of your Bali scuba diving experience, so we do our best to maximize your dive time while adhering to safety standards. Our experienced guides plan to begin the safety stop when the first diver in the group reaches 50 bar (unless conditions or safety concerns require to group to surface early). 

    Completing your first scuba dive in Bali is the experience of a lifetime! Whether you want to book a single day Try Diving excursion or have time to commit to the three-day Open Water Diver course, we have options to fit your interests and availability. We also have snorkeling options if you or other members of your group prefer to participate from the surface! 

    Our multilingual team can assist you with consultations and bookings in English, German, and Indonesian. Day trips, activities, and scuba diving courses are offered in English and Indonesian.  

    We strive to ensure you have the best possible experience scuba diving in Bali, so we limit our group sizes to a maximum of four (4) divers per guide. This way you will get to see the amazing marine life in Bali rather than a crowd of divers! We maintain small ratios in our scuba diving courses, with two (2) students per instructor for the Try Diving and Advanced Adventurer courses and four (4) students per instructor for the Open Water Diver course. This ensures that you complete your dive training in a comfortable and attentive environment.  

    If you see a shark, make sure to point it out to your guide if they haven’t seen it already! Scuba diving in Bali offers you the opportunity to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat and you will notice we all get excited when we see a shark. Why? Sharks are indicators of a healthy marine ecosystem! They are also graceful and fascinating to watch. Sharks aren’t the killing machines popular film has made them out to be, so if we see them on a dive, consider yourself lucky and follow the example set by your guide. 

    To enjoy scuba diving in Bali to the maximum, discuss options for contact lenses or a mask with prescription lenses with your ophthalmologist prior to travelling. We offer a small selection of prescription masks as part of our rental equipment, so please inform our team if you require a prescription mask so we can discuss available options with you.   

    Your Bali scuba diving experience is meant to be fun, safe, and comfortable. We believe that to ensure your safety, it is important that you are comfortable in and around the ocean. If you are enrolling in the Open Water Diver course, you will be required to complete a swimming test to participate. If you are unsure of what activities will be best for your comfort level, contact our team to discuss the best options! 

    We scuba dive in Bali rain or shine. Some dive sites may not be suitable to visit depending on the conditions, but we will always visit the best sites possible.

    Yes, some dive sites (including Nusa Penida and Candidasa) require divers hold Advanced Adventurer (or equivalent) certification and a minimum of 20 logged dives. If you are interested in visiting Nusa Penida and do not meet these requirements, it may be possible to arrange an Advanced Adventurer course or a private guide (for an additional fee). Contact our team to discuss options and availability!

    We strongly recommend booking your scuba diving activities in Bali in advance to avoid disappointment. Last minute bookings may be possible but booking in advance will ensure you are able to participate in your desired activities and allow us to offer you the best customer service.

    Absolutely! We welcome divers from all agencies to dive with Ocean Gravity Bali! All we ask is that you make sure to bring proof of certification (physical or digital card) with you, as not all agencies have made their certification records publicly availably.

    Environmental responsibility is a priority for us, demonstrated by our commitment to minimizing our footprint by including the following eco-friendly services: 

    • Locally sourced drinking water with reusable cups. 
    • Bamboo based tissue products. 
    • No single-use plastics (if possible). 
    • Organically laundered towels. 
    • Compost all organic waste. 

    At Ocean Gravity Bali, we do not offer any professional dive training programs at this time.